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Transferring Data From the Laser to Allpro Drywaller

As you are taking measurements with the Disto A6 you will be wirelessly transferring the measurements to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your PDA. After you are finished taking all the measurements, you can transfer the Excel spreadsheet to your computer.

Once the spreadsheet has been copied to your computer you can import the data into Allpro Drywaller. This is a very simple process. You simply open the Import form and select the "Import From Laser" button.

Now all of your job measurements are stored in Allpro Drywaller. When you import all of your measurements they will be summarized. For example, if you took twenty different measurements for four inch walls, you don't need to know the square footage for each measurement, just the total square footage for four inch walls. Allpro Drywaller performs these calculations for you to help simplify the estimating process. This also helps eliminate human calculation errors.

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